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There are a large number of different alcohol brands and brands on our market. However, the products we offer can not normally be bought in the retail network, even though they are high quality beverages that have your favorite bar or restaurant on offer. In addition, you can buy this alcohol online.

Judge yourself. Have a look at your store or find high quality alcohol like BELUGA, the best Russian vodka, CARTAVIO X.O. - a delicacy from the world of rum or the Japanese TAKETSURA whiskey, which traditionally wins the world award as the best non-hazel whiskey in the world, even some of the contests promote it on the pedestal of the world's best whiskey.

The portal brings you these TOP beverages to the comfort of your home. Just a few clicks and these delicacies will be delivered to you in a few days. You also save on-line buying alcohol because we offer our products at affordable prices.

We believe that the team will enrich the one-size assortment on our market and will bring you the opportunity to meet and taste quality drinks and world brands.

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