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If you enjoy high quality rum, you are in the right place. Try eg rum A.H. Riise Family Reserve from the Virgin Islands, which is a favorite. More >>
Manufacturer: Danish Vestindisk Rum Kompagni. Product code: SN_26048_AHRII_FAM_RES

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type and alcohol content

42%, Rum, 0.7 l

country of origin

Virgin Islands

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about this product

AH Riise Family Reserve is the finest and most exclusive rum of the Riise pharmacist with an average maturing time of 25 years. Annually, only 3000 bottles of this unique rum are collected, which is selected from the finest barrels and subsequently stored according to the Solera method.

AH Riise Family Reserve rum has a light dark mahogany color with a delicious aroma of orange, molasses and exotic fruits. Its taste is strong and very rich with the touch of orange, natural sugar and tobacco, which is finished with a spicy, but still cream and sweet conclusion. This rum is strong but still delicate.

Originally, rum was only for Riise's family, and was not publicly traded. And so it is a great honor for us to offer this world-class rum to experts in quality alcohol.

42 %
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0.7 l
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