If you enjoy high quality rum, you are in the right place. Try eg rum A.H. Riise Non Plus Ultra of the Virgin Islands, which is a favorite. More >>
Manufacturer: Danish Vestindisk Rum Kompagni. Product code: SN_26048_AHRII_NON_PL_EXT

76,90 € incl. VAT

Na sklade

type and alcohol content

42%, Rum, 0.7 l

country of origin

Virgin Islands

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about this product

AH Riise Non Plus Ultra is a luxury ultra premium rum that complements our A.H. Riise. The term "Non Plus Ultra" comes from the mythology herbolic columns that stood near the Strait of Gibraltar and mark the boundaries of the famous world. The pillars were labeled "Non Plus Ultra" (Latin), meaning (I'm no longer here any more) as a warning for the Monsters to stay away from the unknown world.

This rum has a special honor to wear the name "Non Plus Ultra", which can be freely translated as "the best or" nothing after this, since it is the best and oldest rum we have at our disposal. Non Plus Ultra manually blends our "distillation master, who personally selects each jar used for the final mix of rum. This rum has a beautiful dark mahogany color with elegant spicy bouquet with molasses, oak, tobacco and orange tones.

The taste of Non Plus Ultra is a unique experience with a very rich, long and fruity taste with cedar wood, vanilla, caramel, fine sherry and Seville oranges, which continues almost endlessly and ends with an elegant fine finishing.
Super Premium Rum in a very limited amount, from which only 3,000 bottles are produced annually.

42 %
Britské Panenské ostrovy
0.7 l
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